Risk 2.0 – The week in links 9/24/2010

  • What’s Facebook worth? Some valuations now put it ahead of big names like RIM, Starbucks, Dell, Yahoo, and others.
  • Hadyn Shaughnessy discusses semantic clustering and illustrates how it can be used to form a high-level picture of Web 2.0 conversations. It looks like a case of ecosystems talking about ecosystems.
  • Chris F. Masse, vigilant prediction market blogger, thinks that they may be not be that useful for solving real world problems.

This shift toward increased collaboration is apparent, even as enterprises emerge from the economic downturn. In fact, 65% of organizations now support at least one Web 2.0 technology for internal or external collaboration and communication purposes.

  • Riva Richmond of the WSJ lists three ways companies can use location-based social media. To date, I haven’t heard about any insurers, banks, or other regulated financial institutions using this type of social media. (If you have, let me know.)
  • The perils of tweeting away from the nest continue to get attention. One UK insurer recently issued a warning to customers that they may be increasing their risks of being robbed if they announce their absence from home on social networks. Time will tell if these warning shots are followed by premium hikes.

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