Risk + 2.0: The week in links 8/6/2010

I took a little vacation/holiday last week, so there were no links posted. Thankfully, the world didn’t come to an end.  Here’s a few more than usual this week to catch up…

  1. Social Media’s Critical Path: Relevance to Resonance to SignificanceBrian Solis talks about how businesses can learn to thrive in social media by having conversations with customers and moving to a “pay it forward” mindset.
  2. Collective intelligencePete Swabey discusses the concept of prediction markets and how one prediction market company, CrowdCast, is beginning to develop social business intelligence tools. These tools represent an effort to capture more in-house knowledge by giving employees a way to share business information and work collaboratively.  I also wrote a summary of prediction markets earlier.
  3. A Look Back at the Last 5 Years in MobileI think it’s important to keep close attention on the development of mobile technology.  Mobile and social definitely go together. It’s easy to forget just how far mobile technology has come in the last five years.  Touch screen devices and increasingly-ubiquitous wireless broadband networks make it easier than ever to stay connected and share information.  The next five years may see even more staggering innovation.
  4. WikiLeaks case highlights digital security challengeThe publishing of secret Pentagon papers documenting details of US operations in Afghanistan was front-page news in late July 2010. Leaking secret documents is inevitable, but we’re now in an era when secrets can go from confidential to globally-known in a matter of seconds.  There has never been a greater need for risk management.
  5. The risk and rewards of Facebook for insurers and reinsurersRein4ce lists some practical social media code of conduct ideas and “good practice” guidelines.
  6. 18,000 in a yearRiskviews commemorates its one-year anniversary in blogging.  I’ve certainly enjoyed the posting at Riskviews this year.  It’s great to see risk pros embracing blogging as a way of sharing ideas – especially in this era when risk management  and insight are as important as ever.  I’m hopeful that a culture of information sharing among actuaries and related risk professionals will emerge in the coming years.
  7. Happiness Rules: Canada’s Youth Don’t Live For $$$As Gen Y begins to enter the “real world,” companies are getting more interested in what makes them tick.  This study reveals that Canada’s Gen Y is more interested in having a network of friends and family than leading. They’re also more risk-averse than their parents.  The respondents generally placed more value on relationships over money.
  8. Social media report a wake-up callThis article by John Powell, aimed at Canadian financial advisors, highlights that women are emerging as dominant users of social media.  The article also notes evidence that women are more vocal online and also purchase more online compared to men.  In general, it seems that women are going online looking for more social interaction than men. You may also be interested in Jessica Faye Carter’s article “For Women, Social Media is More Than ‘Girl Talk’”, which takes a deeper look at women’s role in the social media landscape.
  9. I have been a bit surprised at just how much I’ve taken to e-reading this year after buying an iPad.  Apparently, the e-reading concept is catching on at Farmers, where it is being used to train and inform agents more efficiently. Patriot Risk Management is also piloting the iPad.
  10. I LOVE getting junk mail, spam, and unsolicited email newsletters, and I’m sure you do too.  Of course, I’m joking.  It’s not surprising that email marketing metrics are in decline.  We’re becoming info-saturated, I think.  More info on email marketing and how it’s different from Facebook and Twitter.
  11. 15 Twitter Lists for C-Suite Execs to Follow – Still trying to get your C-Suite interested in Twitter? Whether they’re a CEO, CMO, CTO, CIO, or CFO, there’s a Twitter list for them in this Mashable article.

C-ya next week. ;)


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