Risk + 2.0: The week in links July 16, 2010

1. How Social Media Has Prepared Us for Collaborative Business

I’ve been an advocate for bringing social medial concepts into the enterprise for a while. This Mashable article discusses the rationale behind creating a more social infrastructure within companies.

Why shouldn’t we expect real-time collaboration at work? Business happens in real-time. Market shifts happen in real-time. Data changes in real-time. Why shouldn’t collaboration and learning in business happen in real-time, too? That question is the inspiration for new social tools entering the workplace that have the same look and feel as Facebook or Twitter. These social tools offer a new way to collaborate with people at work that is private, secure and relevant to business.

2. 5 Ways Social Media Helps Promote Good Health

If you work in the healthcare, health insurance, or related industry – or if you have any interest in at all in health issues – this Mashable article is a must-read. It provides a great deal of information and real-world examples of how social media and Web 2.0 tools are being used at every level of society to share information on health issues. There seems to be a role for everyone when it comes to health-related social networking.

3. Social Media Employee Policy Examples from Over 100 Companies and Organizations

Want to craft a social media policy for your company? Here are a hundred examples to look at.

4. Gen Y takes Prudential to school on life insurance

A popular belief is that Gen Y and social networking always go hand in hand. That’s not always the case according to this press release by Prudential. It also notes that Gen Y feels “untargeted” by life insurance companies as a group. There’s no doubt that social media tools will be utilized to communicate with Gen Y, but it won’t be the only avenue.

5. Telematics: Reinventing Auto Insurance

I mentioned telematics in an earlier post. This Insurance & Technology article provides a lot more detail.

Telematics—the integration of global positioning system technology and mobile communications—could dramatically alter the auto insurance industry. From personalized premiums based on individual driving data to automated emergency services and entertainment-based add-ons, telematics has the potential to upend the stable model that has dominated the industry for more than 50 years.


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