Risk + 2.0 – The Week in Links 6/4/2010

The Week in Links

AXA Equitable Launches Social Media Campaign – In addition to making a commitment to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, their 800 lb gorilla mascot even has his own Twitter handle: @AXA_Gorilla! One of his recent tweets:

I’m planning for #retirement using #AXA’s Retirement Income calculator http://bit.ly/99ICsl Who knows, w/inflation,bananas may get expensive.


Social networking is big on mobile, comScore says – Mobile is clearly the future of mainstream computing, and given that social networking is increasingly a core social activity, it’s a perfect marriage. We need to stop thinking about social networking as something people are doing strictly in front of computer screens; it’s happening everywhere. What advantages might mobility bring for insurers? How can location-aware services be used?


New York burger joint goes social, mobile – A very fascinating and innovated use of social media. A new restaurant called 4food is basing their entire business model around social media:

Customers can invent their own dishes or sandwiches using an online, do-it-yourself application, and even give their dish a clever name. The restaurant’s list of ingredients can result in literally millions of combinations. Every time someone orders an item invented by another customer, 4food gives the creator a 25-cent in-store credit.

I think we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the crowdsourcing concept. When companies start viewing customers as producers and product “designers,” some amazing things will probably happen.  Suppose a financial services firm let clients openly customize financial products and let the crowd “vote” on products they liked the most. Rather than guessing which products will meet clients’ needs best, the customers design and give feedback in one constant real-time loop.


Wanted: Cars that Use Collective Intelligence to Improve Driving – A very innovative thinker, Hutch Carpenter. His blog is a must read for anyone interested in Enterprise 2.0. This post makes one imagine just how much data we will one day collect and how it could benefit consumers and companies alike.


Mobile Technologies, Social Media Facilitate Insurers’ Responses to Nashville Flood Claims

In the first days after the catastrophe, with roads shut down and much of the city still underwater, response teams and victims who left town were still having difficulty accessing the area. Social networking sites and other interactive media emerged as an effective tool for carriers trying to reach out to policyholders in need.

The Week in Tweets

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