A sign that insurance companies may be opening up to bloggers

EarthTimes reported earlier this month that AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company recently launched a new site called The Source.  According to EarthTimes,

The Source is designed to help the expanding population of bloggers, as well as traditional media, keep abreast of financial security trends and the growing pressure on individuals to generate retirement income beyond Social Security and employer-sponsored plans. Content already posted on the site includes:

  • Highlights of a recent AXA Equitable retirement thought leadership forum that featured former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker.
  • A look at the trends in inflation, interest rates and taxes that are changing the landscape of retirement in America.
  • A video that reports on the unique financial needs of women.

It’s possible that this could be the beginning of a shift in the industry toward greater acceptance of newer forms of media like blogging. Given current angst among US consumers and the negative perception many have of the insurance industry as a whole, this could prove very beneficial.

The popularity of blogs has surged for much of the past decade, and consumers are turning to blogs more and more for information.   For better or worse, people have a tendency to trust information and advice from blogs, which are often perceived as more genuine and “human” than conventional forms of print media.

Given the mass acceptance of blogs by the public, it makes sense that bloggers can play a key role in lubricating the flow of information between consumers and insurance companies seeking to develop closer relationships with their clients.


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